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The Tactical Training The Green Berets Never Wanted Released To The Public. 
PLEASE READ FIRST: This cost me over $10,000 to film this 3 day private training, pay the Green Beret to do it, hire a professional camera crew, use the 15 acres of the beautiful land you'll see, and condense it into this jam packed training, and I've decided to give it to you for just $19 to prove to you how much Lone Survivalists appreciates you subscriber to our list, and how much we will always over deliver to you! Not only is this the perfect training for any level of Survivalist, you just can't get this information anywhere else, and it is the most compact survival training on the market. Get it, it's a STEAL... plus with the guarantee you have NOTHING TO LOSE.
Here's More About The Video Training
His name is Josh Enyart.

He's a Green Beret, Army Ranger, and Bronze Star recipient. 

After surviving 12 deadly tours in Iraq and Afghanistan... 

Leading house raids on terrorist that were hiding in the caves of the Afghan mountains...

And laying covered in hot sand, for hours, staring through the cross hairs of his sniper rifle... 

Let's assume he knows what he is talking about when he says most people will not survive a crisis, even with the best survival bag.

So, I asked Josh, this one question at a late night Applebees dinner with a mutual friend...
"If you could give one single training to help people survive anything ... what would it be?"
He replied without missing a beat, in between a chicken wing bite...

"It would be the correct steps, training and processes to get through the first 24 hours of a crisis, if you can do that your long term survival rate will move from 46% to 98% no matter the conditions or the survival crisis."

So I naturally asked Josh where I can find those steps, that training and those processes...

He replied with a smirk, "You can't find them"

He then said, " Only the elite forces teach you those things and that's after many years in the service, and climbing a very high ladder."

I did not stop there, obviously.

"What about you, could you teach it?"

He smirked, "It would take a few days, a bunch of equipment, a lot of land in a private place, but yes I could teach you."

I thought to myself "I'm freaking learning this, and learning it yesterday."

(patients has never been my strong suit)

So I paid Josh a chunk of change, a large chunk, to come to my 15 acre secluded plot and show me everything he knew.

It was 3 straight days of a Bronze Star Green Beret & Decorated Army Ranger downloading 26 years of service directly into my brain.

Im talking...

Eating leaves that people constantly step over but have more nutrients than 50 organic apples..  

Tracking animals, a bob cat lurking around at the time.

Building fires from scratch with the Birds Nest method, and some inner tree bark.

Drinking fresh water directly from scummy ponds, that we transformed into Fiji water that tasted pine fresh with one inside secret, or finding streams of filtered water straight from tree branches.

That is just the tip of the ice burg of survival knowledge he poured out BUT...

I did not want to just have a private G.I Joe weekend, I wanted to have full access to these 3 days of intense training that no one can get - FOREVER, so I could continue training, and have my 3 sons trained as well...

(Most kids know nothing about surviving now a days - they are dead in a survival situation.)


I brought in a professional camera crew, and they spent the full 3 days with Josh highlighting every single step, process and skill that can give anyone the ability to survive any crisis.

It turned out to be 10 hours of raw video, that I put into 10 simple to follow video trainings, condensed to a bit under 2 hours of intense, thought out, step by step training that can give anyone the skills to survive any survival situation, with 1 viewing.

No matter what age, what skill level, boy, girl, Dad, Mom, every single person needs this training for the world we live in.

I've coined this essential training:

The 24 Hour Survival Sanctuary.
And now I'd like to make this training available to you for an extremely limited time. 

...and it won't cost you a fraction of the $10,000 plus dollars I had to shell out to bring it to life.

Here is just a sneak peek 9 videos inside...

Build A Fast 20-Mile Billowing Smoke Engine

This smoke generator can get you found fast in any situation. 

Whether you're lost in the woods from a camping trip gone wrong, or trying to signal a friend to reveal your location, this generator can be built in minutes and spewing smoke in seconds. 

Compile The Covert Signaling Kit

Josh will teach you how to build a kit that can be hidden in broad daylight, or seen miles away in a matter of second... so you can hide or be found by rescuers in a moments notice.  

This kit could be the difference between life or death in a survival situation.

Turn Swamp Water Into A 
Vitamin-Packed Survival Tea

In any survival situation you need water. 
You'll learn how to turn contaminated swamp water into a delicious, nutritious survival tea that's safe to drink. 

Make A Tree Straw 

Slurp water from a tree like a straw that you can drink on demand.

No filter or purification needed which can save you valuable time while gathering firewood and food

Foraging Secrets Of The 
Military Elite

Discover the most common edibles, and how you can identify quick, easy vegetation to survive the harshest of conditions. 

Boost energy levels to keep you going and supercharge your will to survive. 
These techniques and trainings will ensure your survival in the most critical stage of a survival emergency. 
It's all included in the newly released action-packed training
Which cost over $10,187 to create - Yours for just 3 1 payment of 
ONLY $99  19 dollars even while this promotion lasts...
Now listen, you can spend 1,000's to fly Josh Enyart in, 1,000's to rent land, and go through this training 1 time.

In fact you can find 4 or five people with Josh's rank that are willing to teach this stuff, and walk you through step by step for a similar price.

Or you can take your 19 dollars and go grab a dinner for 2, with a dirt cheap tip, and be fed for 3 to 4 hours.

BUT you can't learn everything you need to know about survival, in a 10 part video training series from a decorated Green Beret, on 15 acres of land, with the exact process to survive a 24 Hour survival situation, in an entertaining easy to retain format like you can today with THE 24 HOUR SURVIVAL SANCTUARY.

So make the decision, and remember doing nothing is a decision. 

Do nothing and nothing changes.

Get this today and you'll have more survival skill than likely anyone you know.  Lead others in every crisis.  Stand confident no matter what happens.  Have skills that last forever.

19 dollars for that?  or a lacking dinner for 2 that feeds you for 4 hours, and is forgotten forever.

Get it. 
It's all included in the newly released action-packed training
Which cost over $10,187 to create - Yours for just 3 1 payment of 
ONLY $99  19 dollars even while this promotion lasts...