The Promotion is a Thank you Letter One-Time Handout So, read it ALL below:
When the lights go out, the phones shutdown, and the food gets taken, what will save you?...  
This Book Saves Lives.
(Your Life And Those You Care About)
and today you'll own it, for less than 2 gallons of gas.
This easy to follow handbook details everything you need to know to be completely prepared & self sufficient, in over 261 survival situations. 
Today, because of a Lone Survivalist special invite, you can get your downloadable copy below, in just minutes, for less than a few gallons of gas.
“Everyone should stash a copy in a safe place. The reason is – the value & simplicity of the information shared – will save livesPeriod."
- Lou,  The Lone Survivalist
"Down to Earth Advice and Techniques That WILL Save Your Life
-Emmett Ponsell 
It sells for $39.00 regularly.  Holds 261 pages of Survival Tactics. 
But It's Yours TODAY for only:  
(one-time payment that's less than the cost of 2 gallons of gas today, to live through anything tomorrow)
You already know you need to Act FAST in a life or death situation but...
what happens to you if the lights go out, the phones shutdown, and the foods taken...
Dear Fellow Survivalist:

Preparing for every single type of emergency situation is not easy.

The most well-trained survivalists still can't know everything ...

That's why we created the Lone Survivalist Unbreakable Handbook

It's a dense and powerful survival situation reference tool.

You can use it in any type of crisis, for any kind of emergency and it will make you "Unbreakable."

It will serve you as the blueprint that puts time sensitive and crucial decisions - in black and white.

As long as you store this Handbook you'll get today in a secure file on your computer, and print out a copy to put under a bed, or on a shelf, I believe it will FORCE YOU TO SURVIVE and thrive as friends, family, and neighbors scramble in uncertainty.

They'll be making the wrong decisions at the wrong times, and what will take them days to figure out through failure, if they ever figure out - you'll have all planned out and set in motion the moment a crisis starts

Survival situations are only scary, if no preparation is taken beforehand and this Unbreakable Handbook puts years of the preparation you need in 1 tiny, never changing, package.

The minute you get this digital copy today, you'll be ahead of 99% of American is preparedness.

Inside this 260+ page compilation is the most effective, easiest to implement survival information on the market.

It will immediately give you all these abilities:
 You'll have no need to run to an empty store and fight a hungry mob for the last few cans of corn.  Because in chapter 1 you'll gain the ability to grow fruit and veggies, 3 times as quick, and 3 times as big as a 30 year farmer - and grow them all year round.   Even indoors in 1 foot spaces with no gardening experience.
 In chapter 2 page 37, you'll swing open the tailgate to a secret wholesale truck and uncover survivalist gear that's close to 83% off Cabella's retail prices. (we don't make a dime on that gear just, just hand the savings, tools, and priceless tactics to you and your family.)
 In the Poor Mans Survivalist section, you'll uncover 34 ways to stretch money that you'd normally burn through in days, to over 7 months of sustainability26 of the techniques you can implement today to free up close to 32% of you current income.
 You'll transform your backyard into a homestead in days, and you'll learn how turn every inch into a food producing, supply abundant, money generating monster if the the SHTF, with less than $100 - it's a lot easier than you think but you need at least 1/18th an acre of land to do it.
 You'll own the blueprint, map, and supply list to build your very own invisible bunker.  It takes a few trips to home depot, a few supplies listed on page 139, some elbow grease and a decent budget but once you sit in your bomb proof, storage ready, underground castle it well be well worth it.  (you'll want to build this just to hang out in and have some space from everyday life.)
 You'll say "Shut the power, cut my electric, turn off all my heat - and I bat an eyelash!" because  The Unbreakable Handbook hands you a 25 page blueprint of how to break free from the power companies that steal your money every monthIn fact, it's so easy to go completely solar and creates more energy than you need, that power companies sent thousands of solar salesman to your every door over the last few years to lock you in to contracts just incase these secrets got out.  You'll have the ability to implement these secrets these companies are scared of in minutes.
 You'll be the "Real Doctor," on the block.  This book gives you the ability to treat the most severe injuries and many sicknesses in dire situations without any professional help - just the facts, plants, and equipment needed to face any health scare or injury. 
 Because of the last 22 pages of  The Unbreakable Handbook you'll have a copy of in just minutes - Your house will be a bullet proof fortress with just a few trips to home depot.  In fact, criminals and looters will never even approach your property because of 3 things that tip them off to stay away or ELSE.
 ... and much, much more!  Did I mention the invisible bunker you'll get step by step instructions for will be 82% off the price contractors are selling it for, and built much stronger.
YOU WON'T PAY anywherE CLOSE TO THAT TO HAVE your CoPY POp Up On Your Screen in the next 3 minutes below...
And this will be the most valuable Survival Guide you EVER have because...
It's the perfect survivalist melted down into 262 pages of simple directives.
FAIR WARNING:  Because we can never know when a crisis can happen - It's critical you get a copy now.
Here's Everything You'll Get Today:
Section 1: The Secret Survival Garden
Discover how to Explode vegetables out of a 4 foot space of dirt with ZERO gardening skills and no prior experience!  You'll be fat, full and happy as the rich fight for food on dirty empty shelves.
Suggested retail - $29
Section 2: Prepping On A Budget
Learn how get any prepper tool you want without forking over 1/5th of the cash value.  Plus get a list of over 16 salty old prepper secrets that quadruple every dollar in a crisis.
Suggested retail - $29
2 books running total - $58
Section 3: Your Underground Fortress
Fortify your position in a self-made underground bunker that's invisible to people standing right on top of it, that you can build on a budget (all plans included)
Suggested retail - $29
3 books running total - $87
Section 4: The Mini-Farm Supercharge
Supercharge a mini-farm on less than half an acre to guarantee fresh vegetables and use livestock to provide food and fertilizer for your plants to create a CONSTANT stream of healthy food.  "No GMO's allowed." 
Suggested retail - $29
4 books running total - $116
Section 5: Backyard Homesteading
Survive as a backyard homesteader and learn how turn your yard into a food, supply and money generating business if the the SHTF, with less than $100 - it's a lot easier than you think but you need at least 1/18th an acre of land to do it.
Suggested retail - $29
5 books running total - $145
Section 6: Off-Grid Energy
Endure any season completely off-the-grid with ZERO reliance on electric companies or fuel companies.  The secrets revealed from page 141-163 would have the CEO's at GE standing first in line for food stamps.
Suggested retail - $29
6 books running total - $174
Section 7: Civilian Hero's Medical Guide
Outlive the most severe injuries or diseases in the most dire situations without any professional medical help.  In just minutes, at a deep discount, you'll own the book that makes you "The Real Doctor," in a crisis. 
Suggested retail - $19
7 books running total - $193
Section 8: Home Defense Hacks 
Protect your home against intruders and attackers. Also, learn how to virtually camouflage your home from invaders (There's 3 things all intruders look for).
Suggested retail - $19
8 books running total - $212
PLUS You Get THIS...

Ultimate Guide To Abundant Tomatoes
27 Tips For Growing Prize Winning Tomatoes!

Learn the secrets to growing the biggest, juiciest Tomatoes on the planet!
This guide walks you step-by-step through a unique, all-natural process to growing Tomatoes your neighbors will be jealous of!
 That's A Total Value Of $237! 
It sells for $39.00 regularly. Holds 261 pages of Survival Tactics. 
But It's Yours TODAY for only:  
(one-time payment that's less than the cost of 2 gallons of gas today, to live through anything tomorrow)
Why So Inexpensive For So Much Value?
Simple.  The Lone Survivalist mission is to prepare and equip anyone who is wise enough to read this page wanting to be prepared for anything.   This Unbreakable Handbook will prepare you and your family for any situation, and we want you to have it regardless of your income level. 

We know by packaging over $237 of expert knowledge into 1 book that you'll get at a STEEP DISCOUNT on today, you will be prepared, trust us, and come back to The Lone Survivalist for anything you need to be preprepared. This ensures us that you'll become a customer for life but ore importantly a friend and advanced survivalist.

FRANKLY, the $5 is a minimal value exchange to make sure you read this book that saves lives, quite likely yours or a family members someday with just one of the 100s of tactics you'll learn.  - Lou

PS - Once you own this today - DON'T SEND ANYONE BACK HERE TO BUY IT, just give a copy to them, on us.
See What Other Folks Say About  The Unbreakable Handbook...
"Having worked for FEMA I have seen first hand the difference in outcomes for the people who have prepped and the unfortunate ones who didn't. Don't be caught on the wrong side of that equation, its not pretty."
-Verne Kelley, Denver, CO
Official LSPeer reviewed Rating
"Nothing this detailed on survival tactics in the market place. period. End Of Story!"
-Dave Pererra
Official LS Peer reviewed Rating
"This is the right idea. I retired from the Army and we never learned any of the information that Lone Survivalist has shown."
-Olaf Bye, Wichita KS
Official LS Peer reviewed Rating
And I'll Take All The Risk When You Get Your Copy Below With This 
"$20 From My Wallet" Guarantee.
(the guarantee that made my accounting team gasp.)

You see I am so confident that if you were to pay the full $237 retail for this handbook, it would be worth ten times that amount for your survival... let alone the small $5 investment you are about to spend to own it.  That if for ANY REASON you don't think  The Unbreakable Handbook is worth more then the $5 you'll spend today... just send 1 single email, with 1 reason, and I will mail you a crisp $20 bill directly from my wallet- no questions asked. 

You might be asking yourself: "Lou are you freaking CRAZY?" 

a little, but who's not.

I'll assure you, I'm not crazy when it comes to uncovering the information and the hardcore tactics, plans and methods to keep you, myself and my family thriving through anything.  

This is that information.  

I couldn't be more excited about putting this Handbook in your hands today. And if you don't LOVE it... you get to take money out of my wallet just for trying it... no games, no gimmicks. 
Here's what People are saying about the Unbreakable Handbook.
DUDE.  This is printed and put away.  It is the blueprint for any survival situation, and priceless to own if things every go bad.
- Rob Cipolla. (someone say gun show)
"Great info for all people of all ages! Thanks guys!"
-Deb Butler
"The Knowledge we ALL need!"           
-Scott Smith
So Grab Your Copy Of The Unbreakable Handbook
(one-time payment that's less than the cost of 2 gallons of gas today, to live through anything tomorrow)