Seal Torch Flashlight Bundle FREE
(yes that's 2 of the brightest tactical lights created, free)
$49 Dollar Retail Flashlight Bundle Yours Free!
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Your Bundle Contains This $29 Seal Torch 2000...
  • Water & Weather Proof: Carry this by your side in the nastiest storms, the coldest blizzards, and even submerged in water, and it just won't stop.
  • Nearly Unbreakable:   Hit it with a hammer, run it over even submerge it in water inside a high speed blender, and it will come right through it.  This will be the most reliable friend you have.
  • It's A Blinding Beast: The power of this light is unmatched, unlike fake imitations in the same shell, your Seal Torch 2000 has warm white XPG light, that's 5x's brighter.  
Look How Easy The Seal Torch Blinds An Attacker!
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 You'll Also Get This $19 Pocket Clip Light
This Extra Pocket Clip Light Is...
  • The Perfect Gun Companion Light - small enough to mount on any gun.  Bright enough to give you marksman like accuracy.
  • Always Handy - This little light will always be by your side in any situation, with it's steel pocket clip feature most lights don't have. You'll always be ready.
  • Talk Of The Camp Fire:  When your friends see you pop out this tiny spot light, they'll be begging you to get one for them.
  • Defense Ready:  With it's 3 pronged sharp beveled edge, it's designed to drop any assailant, like a pancake, in any attack. (great idea to give to wife, son or daughter to carry.)
Grab Your Seal Torch Bundle FREE NOW...
If the button does not click they are sold out

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