ONLY 987 WERE SENT INTO OUR WAREHOUSE... 787, 643, 522 Remain...

You might call it the most useful Survival Tool of all time... 
 ...but you can never call it 'Just a Flashlight '. 
Hi, Lou here, from Lone Survivalist and I have a confession to make...

When I started selling survival gear last year, something bothered me. 

There were dozens of survival guys selling the 'best flashlight' on the market. 

I knew they all could not be the best.

They all promised to have the most BLINDING light...

They all promised it would last 100+ years...

They talked about the government 'unlocking their special technology' and offering it to the public...

...yet people bought into the lies and bought them by the thousands. 

At least that's what they said...

and I guess I fell for it because I own at least 15 myself.

Practically none of those flashlights still work.

Plus, there's not much difference between them at all.  

After some internal research, on dozens of flash lights purchased, here's what I found out...

They're all the SAME flashlight that comes from the SAME Chinese factory. 

They ALL had the same single LED light sensor...

They ALL had similar cheap aluminum housings... 

They ALL drained batteries in a short amount of time... 

They ALL had the same low-Lumen count (even thought they told you it was high)...


But Because I Selfishly Care About My Family's Survival (...and yes, yours too), I Decided To Change The QUALITY & USEFULNESS of the Flashlight As We Know It... FOREVER. 

So over the last year, I set out to create the worlds most useful survival tool.

A new breed "single unit," survival tool, that had every function you needed, that keeps you alive and thriving, in practically every crisis or survival situation.
Introducing the NOVA P50
Here's what makes the NOVA P50 a TRUE one of a kind survival tool:
  • ​Built-In Solar Power Generator:​This unique device has solar-powered generator HIDDEN in the handle which means you'll never have to go without a full charge EVER! Blackout, Power outage, Car stranded at night, stuck in the woods for days, with the NOVA you'll always have a powerful bright light.  Plus most other flashlights require you to replace or recharge batteries, not the NOVA. 
  • Forever Plasma-Arc Lighter:​This Forever Plasma-Arc lighter has never been introduced on a Flashlight. This feature will allow you to set a fire in an instant. If you're in a cold wet outdoor jam, you'll be warm in minutes as the NOVA sets a fire for you regardless of the conditions.
  • 3+1 Mode Settings:​ The NOVA P50 has 4 typical mode settings plus an SOS mode setting that signals help. Low, High, and Strobe are the 3 modes you can access with a single click of the illuminated button... and once you double click the button, the high-intensity XHP50 beam goes into overdrive pumping out SOS signals for hours on end!
  • A RAM 1500 TRUCK High Beam Inside A 9 Inch A Reinforced Aluminum Case:​The Nova Features a XHP 50 Light - a similar light that runs high beams on late model trucks. That light is powered by a 3.7 Volt Lithium 2500 MAH battery, the most powerful battery the light could hold without melting it. That light, with that battery powering it, cuts through 300 yards with ease to spot an assailant that will still need to shield his eyes.
  • An Enhanced Optical Zoom Lens:​ Go from 1x times to 2000x times light intensity just by sliding the expertly-calibrated optical zoom lens. Whether you want to flood an entire campground with light, or zoom in on an intruder 200 yards away... your NOVA P50 will do it for you. 
  • A Windshield Shattering And Personal Defense Tip: - Always have this tool on you to make a quick escape form a car accident or fire - the rear striking tip will shatter windshield glass with very little force.  In threatening circumstances, just 1 swift blow with the Tungsten Tip can ensure your safety or a loved one. 
  • An Input/Output USB Charging Port:​  Instantly begin charging your iPhone or Android device with the built-in USB port. It's like having an additional phone battery with you wherever you go, that keeps recharging itself for you! Simply remove the rubber seal on the handle to reveal the built-in USB outlet. Plug in and GO!
  • It's the LAST survival tool of it's kind you'll ever need!
Get an endless amount of power and never search for batteries again!
We had our engineers embed a solar power generator in the handle to charge your flashlight and the 3.7V battery located in the heart of the unit. 


This means you'll never need to scour the battery drawer searching for batteries ever again.

Equipped With A Class-Best XHP50 Light Sensor Over 2,250 TRUE Lumens Count: You'll Light Up The Whole Block!

I was just tired of empty promises, from lesser lights.

I needed to make this one of the brightest, most night-piercing lights available today. 

One night I tested the brightness of the NOVA. 

I sent a friend 140 yards down a pitch black hill, at the edge of my property.

I had him hide.

I wanted to see if the NOVA could spot a criminal trespasser in a real world, dark environment.

My friends a bit shady so he fit the mold ;)

The NOVA immediately spotted him, tracked him, and even though he sprinted to get out of the line of the NOVA XHP 50 beam, he couldn't... it blinded him.

The NOVA had a lock on him the entire time he ran, and I saw him clear as day...

See if you could see him in this low resolution video, to get the jest of the NOVA's power.
If he charged me... I would have set the light to 'ambush' mode and disabled his vision instantly.
Not Too Big, Not Too Small. It's Just Right. 
We surveyed some of the top survivalists to find out what they considered to be the perfect size for a device like this. 

"Too small and you can't use it for self defense... too bulky and no one will want to carry it."

With that in mind... we designed the NOVA P50 for near-perfect ergonomics and weight distribution. 

Weighing a solid 24oz, it's the strongest, most durable, flashlight you'll ever own
Forever Fire-Starting Plasma Lighter
What could be more valuable than starting a life-saving fire in the event of an emergency?

With the Forever Fire-Starting Plasma Lighter, you'll never be without the ability to light a fire any place, anywhere, at anytime. 

Because of the rechargeable battery and solar generator... your Forever Fire-Starting Plasma Lighter will ALWAYS work. 

Even in wind, hail, sleet or snow!
Tungsten-Alloy Hardened Breaker Tip
The Forever Fire-Starting Plasma Lighter is protected by a patented Tungsten-Alloy Tip that can smash through a windshield in seconds, get you out of a burning building, or render an attacker defenseless. 

Tungsten-Alloy Tip holds a tungsten ball made from one of the hardest metals on the planet, and was the only metal I would trust for myself and my family if they ever needed to use it to break glass. 

One shot from this bad boy... and what ever you're hitting will fall.

This tip is virtually indestructible and gives you the peace of mind that it will always be there for you when you need it. 
USB Power Bank
Instantly give life to all of your USB devices with this rapid charging USB port. 

The NOVA P50 is a power bank that will charge your devices when you plug them in to the handle. 

And because the internal battery gets re-charged by the solar panel... you will always be able to charge all of your devices, even if the power goes out! 
"When I take my Nova P50 hiking with me I never have to worry about my cell phone battery dying EVER, I can even run my computer off it in my tent!"
I cannot tell you how happy I am with my flashlight.  It's the best tack flashlight I have ever owned.
I work for Federal Express and we are starting our busy season and I work into the dark every night.
The utility and sense of security I have with this flashlight is unmatched. Have used tactical lights from companies such as sure fire, Blackhawk and others...


Thank you and I have sent videos to all my friends

~Craig Gomez, RIO RANCHO, NM
Picture the worlds most perfect Survival tool! I can't even think of a way to make this thing better. I'm buying more as Christmas gifts before they're all gone!”

~Alec Keith, Virginia
 I've bought all the flashlights before... and they're all pretty much the same.  NOT the NOVA P50! This is by far the brightest flashlight I've ever owned (and I've owned some pretty expensive units). 

The solar generator, the USB charging port, and the Plasma Lighter are just over the top AWESOME!”

~John Stancel, Madison, FL
 I will never buy another flashlight as long as I live! This is by far the coolest survival gadget I've ever purchased. Buying 2 more as we speak!”

~Jane Thompson, Lodi, NJ
I have a bunch of cheapo flashlights survival companies were offering for FREE... and they're now sitting in my cabinet, all dead and need batteries. The NOVA stays fully charged just by sitting sitting on my kitchen counter. I LOVE IT”

~Emory Keen, Lakeland, FL
Why would you ever buy a 'REGULAR' flashlight EVER AGAIN!?
Just look at these lights we found online:
If you were to shop for a halfway-decent flashlight you'd find that even the basic tactical lights sell for anywhere from $149-$299! And I will not say it's not worth it for a solidly bright flashlight...

In fact a few of these light are comparable with the brightness of the NOVA.
But these flashlights above, all have 1 thing in common:


They all stop, where the NOVA just gets started.

Notice how they even give you extra batteries!

Want to know why they put extra batteries in the box? Because the batteries drain faster then a married man's wallet that he left in his wife's purse. 

Once your batteries are all used up... it's either time to buy MORE batteries, or find the same darn charger that came with the flashlight (if you can). 

Simply put- this is the only flashlight you'll ever need. Never again will you have to invest in more batteries, find the charger, or worry about it dying... ever.
Designed With The Tactical Survivalist In Mind
The NOVA P50 is built for ME.

We've spent countless hours designing, building, and perfecting the NOVA P50 because I wanted a device that will TRULY save the lives of my family and those around me if need be.

I'm now bringing it to the market because I realize how powerful it can be for you, and your family. 

Imagine if you got into a car accident in a remote location without any battery left...

Or if an attacker tried to approach your wife at night... 

Or if you needed to start a survival fire to keep warm after a car wreck... 

And all you have is THIS ONE DEVICE, your NOVA... 


Without it, you get severely injured (or worse). 

It's simply not worth the risk going without the NOVA P50 in my life, my families, and maybe you agree.


Flooding Entire Yard With 75' Wide Beam

Forever Fire-Starting Plasma Lighter


Now, we could easily sell the NOVA P50 for $199 like single function solid flashlights, or even $299 with everything it does. 

There's plenty of folks out there that spend hundreds on a good flashlight. 

Here's a comparable flashlight that doesn't do 1/5 that the NOVA P50 does...
Why do they throw in EXTRA batteries to seal the deal?

Guess what purpose this flashlight serves if the batteries die in the wilderness... 

NO PURPOSE. (I guess you can chuck it a bear before he eats you.)

If you're in a survival situation with this flashlight, even though it has a solid light, with dead batteries you can't:

- Charge it up to capacity...
- Revive your cell-phone or USB-powered devices...
- Light a Fire...
- Shine an sos signal...
- Blind a wild animal...

It's as useless as a tree-limb at that point!

With the NOVA P50 you'll get today, AT A STEAL...

You can rest assured it can do all those things for you and MORE... 

But you're not going to pay $299 for it.

You're not going to pay $199 either like that flashlight I showed you.
(although it's worth more.)

You're not even going to pay $149 the retail price I am bringing it to market for.  
(although it's worth every penny)
BECAUSE (and only because) you're a part of the Lone Survivalist family... I'm going to offer you a DEEP discount on the NOVA P50. 

But you have to do me one favor... 

You have to promise that when you grab one of the remaining 940 NOVA P50's left if you get a chance to grab one, you won't re-sell it for a profit.

If you're OK with that one condition... here's how you can grab your NOVA P50 at the friends and family price of only $149 $99 today... 


Because my goal is to get as many units as I can, into the hands of every American I can in 2020 because of the impact I know it will have...

TODAY - if you make it to the cart on the next page by hitting the button below, I'll add a 2nd NOVA to your order for FREE.

But you'll need to move fast. We won't be offering 2 NOVA's for the price of 1, forever. 
Grab your 2 NOVA P50's NOW!
If you don't love your Nova's, for any reason, we will immediately refund you, and KEEP NOVA's.

Listen, I want to make sure you feel totally secure in your purchase today, so you now have nothing to lose if you are still on the fence, because I'll take all the risk.

Why?  I believe in the Nova P50, that's why I created it, I believe everyone is better, safer, and more prepared with one, period.  

Will some people rip me off because of this guarantee? Some, yes.

But will some people get the Nova P50 right now, because of this added protection, and be a lot better off with it... I'm betting a lot more will do that.

So grab your Nova's now - WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK.

I know there's a ton of wiz bang flashlights out there.  They have fancy marketing and are called things like "THE TACTICAL ENFORCER Z-7000 LUMEN TORCH." They are crap.  They are all the same, cheap, light, flashlights that never work when you need them.  But there are some good flashlights, AND YOU'LL PAY A LOT FOR THEM and in some sense, 1 function lights were worth it... UNTIL TODAY,.
You see the question is, when the lights really go out, or you are stranded in a crisis...

Can your flashlights light a fire for you, to keep you warm, cook food, or boil water? 

Can it charge itself without a power source, to keep you seeing in the dark?

Can it re power your phone if you are stranded and need to call for help?

Was it built to break glass to escape a car accident, or fire?

It can't do those things - but the NOVA CAN, plus will be the brightest most powerful light you've ever used AND MORE...

- Think about yourself, your son, your daughter or your wife stranded, but with the NOVA.

- In a car accident with a dead phone, but with the NOVA.

- In a house with no power for 3 days, but with THE NOVA.

It's no comparison to a generic 1 function flashlight, even a $300 light, and should cost more than that.


PLUS TODAY, though it's worth much more than the most expensive flashlight you can find, it will cost you much less than what it's worth, because my goal is to get 1 NOVA P50 into the hands of 100,000 Americans by 2020, and I did not want to make the price an issue.

So grab it NOW...
'So If The NOVA P50 Is So Valuable, Why Are You Discounting It ?'
Simple.  I care about you and your family. I want to say that if a real crisis were to ever occur... you and your family were able to survive because of one of my products. That said, I have over 30 different survival tools that I sell, and I know that if I give you something like this that has great value, I'll earn your trust.  Then you'll come back as a customer and you'll tell your friends about us.  My goal is to have you ready for any crisis with the tools & training you need.
And this will be the most valuable Survival Guide you EVER have because...
It's the perfect survivalist melted down into 262 pages of simple directives.
FAIR WARNING:  Because we can never know when a crisis can happen - It's critical you get a copy now.